Crypto exchange VinDAX: an overview

What is VinDAX? It is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Vietnam. The service was launched in March 2019, and a fairly large number of cryptocurrencies are offered for customers to choose from. In terms of liquidity, VinDAX exchange shows very impressive trading volumes. On average, a trading volume of $173.7 million is carried out per day. 57.77% of them are for the BTC/USDT trading pair. In terms of trading volume, the exchange ranks second.

Detailed information

VinDAX crypto is one of the largest exchanges in Vietnam with a daily trading volume of over $100 million. There is a growing demand for Forte 1 products. VinDAX coin is fully compatible with iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. The exchange is represented on the websites of Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. Telegram has gained popularity in the crypto space since 2017, it is used to provide support and mailing lists. Listing on the stock exchange is very important, as the project is presented to more people around the world. VinDAX exchange is distinguished by the following qualities:

  1. Large range of currency pairs (more than 300).
  2. It works around the clock (access to your personal account is not limited).
  3. Deposits are paid out in high-speed mode.
  4. Qualified support service.
  5. The interface of the crypto exchange is presented only in English.
  6. Low commissions for any services.
  7. For convenience, there is a list of completed operations (orders), price charts are published.

This trading platform does not charge commissions between buyers and producers. Instead, their payment model is referred to as the “fixed payment model”. The flat fee offered here is quite low: 0.10%.Most often, at least 0.22% is charged, so the VinDax exchange has favorable conditions for both buyers and manufacturers. Many exchanges have competitive trading fees but charge withdrawal fees. VinDAX charges a withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC when withdrawing BTC (this is one third lower than other crypto exchanges).
Popular markets on the exchange
The site of the exchange is visited more than 400,000 times a month (unique guests of the site). This trading platform does not state that US investors are prohibited from trading. Accordingly, American investors can conduct their activities here. List of leading markets on the

VinDAX exchange:

  • ETH/BTC.
  • GCZ/BTC.

Such cryptocurrencies as Tether USD, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond, Ethereum, VinDax Coin, Cipher Core Token, APECOIN, Ontology, XRP, Bitcoin Gold, ChainLink Coin, Dash and others are popular on the exchange. You can read reviews about VinDAX crypto exchange from registered clients.