Probit exchange overview

Low fee anonymous trading at Probit exchange

A lesser known name among regular investors and crypto enthusiasts but a noteworthy place for any trader who value anonymity. Probit was founded back in 2017 during the crypto boom in South Korea. An interesting feat that the company is not trying to push abroad in terms of fiat currencies and prefers to widen the choice of cryptos. This approach made it popular between EU based traders. Let us discuss all the qualities of the place.

What newcomer will encounter

Our experts value the trading experience above any other points mentioned in reviews. There you may expect polished interface and low 0,2% per transaction fees. However, the only available fiat currency is Korean Won which make it pretty tiresome to calculate the exchange rates during deposits. An overview of the trading process:

  • download an app on your Android device (iOS has not supported yet);
  • create a profile without revealing your ID details;
  • add a desired currency to your Probit wallet;
  • open all the necessary graphs to monitor prices in real time;
  • buy any of 300+ coins and sell it for profits.

What we have mentioned above, compared to any other popular facilities you are free to hide your identity. By refusing to participate in KYC verification you may remain anonymous but higher fees and exchange limits makes it hard to justify such approach.

What are you paying for

The profit of the trader correlates directly with amount of real money taken away by exchanges. Trading with Probit com Global you may lower the initial 0,2% fee down to 0,05% which place this website pretty high. To acquire such privileges, you must participate in the local coin (PROB) trading. Noteworthy milestones:

  • trade 100k+ PROB to lower the initial fee by 50%;
  • 1kk PROB traded let the user take the full advantage of referral system, cashback and the regular exchange.

PROB token powered by the standard ERC-20 network and in addition by monetary rewards allow to participate in the Probit exchange development. Upon reaching VIP5+ statuses you may choose coins to add, for example.

Probit place on the market

According to Trustpilot, the main complaint of Pro Bit users is sudden account suspensions. It is a good sign as when it comes to the market it is a necessary evil to prevent money laundering and other shady operations.

Our opinion on exchange is hardly dictated by low quality of support as the main point why we are trading is profit opportunities. Probiting opens great opportunities to users willing to invest some money into the local coin. With all the privileges of VIP status, it becomes great places to trade crypto with your ID covered.