CrypToadz NFT platform

CrypToadz NFT platform

General information about the project

The CrypToadz project tokens may not look very pretty at first glance, but they are extremely valuable and are one of the latest NFT collections featuring a graphical profile that have gone viral. As of mid-October 2021, this project is the 12th most popular NFT project ever since its launch (August 2021). The project has already earned $ 135 million in September.

Generally “Cryp Toadz” NFT are non-fungible cryptocurrency assets or tokens. These are blockchain-based cryptocurrency tokens (Ethereum) that provide exclusive ownership of a digital or physical asset. In the case of CrypToadz, these are 6,969 digital pixel images of stylized “toads” (at ICO).

At its core, as a cryptocurrency project, CrypToadz does not differ much from other NFT projects with images of any digital profile. A limited number of variants of tokens, which is 6969 “pixel toads”, issued or issued (minted) for the crypto audience. Each such NFT token has an initial price of 0.69 ETH. It is used in the crypto community both as a means of investment, as a medium of exchange, and even as a currency of settlement. For example, in some cyber – gaming platforms.

Pixel images on NFT CrypToadz platform is basically a replica of another token CryptoPunks, the most popular NFT project based on profile pictures. There are about 10,000 crypto-banks in circulation on the market, and like CrypToadz, some of them are different colors, some smoke cigarettes and others wear hats. CrypToadz has some special features: for example, flies, bees fly over some of them, they fly on airplanes, play baseball or just have a barbecue.

The creators of the project, collectively known as CrypToadz, declare that the Toadz are “small amphibious creatures that roam the swampy plain of what was formerly known as the Uniswamp.” (Uniswap is the most popular Ethereum decentralized exchange).

The founding members of the project include: James Wiper, owner of Toadz and his friend Gramplin, who is the artistic creator of the project.

Like many other decentralized NFT projects, the creators of Cryp Toadz want so that other people use the project as they please, integrating it with other blockchain projects as they see fit. In this regard, the creators include the following disclaimer: “To the extent possible by law, Gremplin has disclaimed all copyright and related rights in CrypToadz < / span> by Gremplin “. The project is licensed under Creative Commons (CC0 USA), which allows investors to create derivative projects without any legal implications.

Main financial parameters of the project:

  • Current capitalization of the project or its cost – 107 million dollars.
  • The daily trading volume of the project tokens is 350 thousand dollars.
  • Daily number of deals – 57
  • The number of project holders (investors) – 365 000
  • 7023 tokens in circulation
  • Minimum token price – 2.93 ETH
  • Highest price in the last 24 hours – $ 24,000.


Completing the next review NFT platform, we can draw the following conclusion. Crypto – currency platform “Сryp toadz” reviews , about which in the network crypto – community have so far an enthusiastic connotation, can be recommended as an alternative to conventional cryptocurrencies. It can be a good investment tool (for portfolio diversification), especially since it can be used as a common means of payment in cyber networks and cryptocurrency ecosystems for various purposes.


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