Overview of the interbank cryptocurrency exchange MEXC

Cryptocurrency exchange branded MEXC (Global Exchange) is a one-stop solution for spot trading and derivatives, continues to be the market leader in providing the highest quality tokens, promising to become the owner of the status as an interbank exchange. This is the platform to look out for in 2022.
In addition, MEXC recently launched its strategic expansion around the world, bringing together over 850 digital assets already listed for trading on the exchange. In addition to offering users a full range of popular coins, MEXC strives to carefully screen new projects to ensure investment safety. The platform is very well known for its fast customer support, best practices and reliable services.
In the event of any technical glitches that result in a loss of funds, the exchange has an investor protection scheme in place to compensate affected users.
The MEXC exchange has already expanded its trading services and cryptocurrency pairs to the user community in various markets such as Russia, Japan, Korea and Turkey.

The main features of the exchange

  1. Spot trading and margin trading. The user can spot or margin trade all 371 coins listed on the exchange. New coins and projects are added at regular intervals and on this exchange you will find popular DeFi, NFT, Polkadot coins that may not be listed anywhere else. In fact, MEXC was one of the first exchanges to list packaged NXM tokens and some popular DeFi tokens.
  2. ETF trading.At present, the MEXC index product includes the main cryptocurrency index, cryptocurrency index, public network index, Defi asset index, etc.
  3. Contract trade. A perpetual contract is a derivative that is different from traditional futures. Unlike a futures contract, there is no expiration or settlement, and there is no time limit for holding a position.
  4. POS (proof of stake) or staking. Users who have the respective tokens can join the MEXC PoS pool and earn a fixed income. Two types of PoS are available to users – “Staking” and “Savings”.

MXC Trading Fee and Trading Volume

No commission is charged for depositing funds to the exchange. The trading commission is 0.2% of the transaction amount. Although trading fees can be lowered by having the MX token, which is the native token of the platform.
In addition, the MXC exchange charges a fee for withdrawing funds from the exchange, which is a standard practice in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. Judging by what reviews there are about the MHS exchange, the average commission level is not higher than that of other leading sites and is no more than 0.0005 BTC.


The MEHS cryptocurrency exchange review that was given in this article has many reasons to be included in the list of priority crypto trading platforms. The MEXC platform has a user-friendly interface, which makes it popular among many users. This crypto exchange is constantly adding new features to provide users with the best trading and exchange service.Moreover, the platform has not been hacked by hackers so far and is reliable to use.